A Message From Our Chairs

Patsy mink sticker-bluecropwebWelcome to the Patsy T. Mink PAC!  We are a grassroots political network dedicated to raising early money for progressive pro-choice democratic women candidates for state offices. The PAC is unique and has an ambitious goal. We want to develop, support and nurture women to be good candidates and we want to help them win. We believe that electing progressive pro-choice democratic women at the state level will prepare women to run for federal and national office. More often than not, men and women who run for higher office come from the ranks of state elected officials.

A woman’s right to choose is at greater risk than it has ever been since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision of Roe v. Wade in 1973, and pro-choice victories of the past are continuously under attack.  We need our elected officials to remain steadfast in protecting and promoting women’s rights.  Our founders believed that together we can make a difference in supporting these critical issues.

Women elected to office bring a unique perspective and advocacy on behalf of women and families. Important issues and policies that affect women and families, such as education, economic and employment opportunities, reproductive choice, child care, health care, freedom from violence, and personal safety, must be legislative priorities.

We need your help today to elect democratic pro-choice women to State offices to ensure that these vital issues are addressed.  

Mahalo for all of your support!

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Jadine Nielsen                       Patsy Saiki